Holy Spirit School serves students in PreK-3, PreK-4, and Kindergarten through 8th grades

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Holy Spirit School accepts the challenge of fulfilling our mission as a Catholic school. Our aim is to educate the children's mind, strengthen their God given intellectual powers, satisfy their soul with knowledge of their faith, and strengthen their body with organized physical activity. As educators we assume our responsibilities to God, and treat each of our students as precious gifts. We have adapted our curriculum to educate and support those entrusted to us with knowledge and understanding of our ever-changing world. This ability to integrate our curriculum continues to create an environment of love and understanding deeply rooted in our faith. It is in this way that we enable our students to gain the self-confidence and esteem so needed by the youth of today. Our primary goal is to give each student a solid moral and academic foundation so that they will be prepared to make a difference in this world. We feel that as a strong Catholic School we serve as a cornerstone in the total growth of our students. We stand firm in the truths of our religion as they relate to life issues today.
~ Sr. Marie Antonelli, M.P.F.
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